How Can I Reduce Carbon Monoxide Risks?

Please use this checklist as a suggestive guide on determining the safety in your home. If unsure, don’t hesitate to call us and we will have one of our specially trained technicians at your home to do a full analysis!

Carbon Monoxide Checklist

    1. Is there any rust around the top of your gas/oil water heater where the metal flue pipe comes out? Do you see melted stickers or pipe insulation? This might indicate fume reversal and spillage into your living area. The flue gases are acidic and will leave rust marks where they spill.


    1. Is there any rust on or around the flue pipe or where is connects to the furnace or chimney?


    1. Is there any water dripping or seeping from joints of from the base of the chimney? This may indicate there is a partial blockage of the flue, the furnace is not operating at proper firing rates, or there is a venting problem.


    1. When the furnace blower face comes on, does the door get “sucked” closed? Do you feel air rushing under the door when the furnace comes on? This may indicate that your basement is going into a negative state and is very dangerous because if air cain’t be sucked through bottom of the door, it may pull fumes out of the chimney.


    1. Do you have the keep lighting the pilot all the time? Do you smell fumes anytime you are in the basement or come in from outside? This may indicate a venting problem.


    1. Do you feel tired, have a headache, or feel nauseous when you wake up in the morning but feel better once you leave the house for work/school/errands?


    1. Are you pets acting funny? Have you ever lost a pet during the fall/winter months?


    1. Has your Carbon Monoxide alarm ever gone off? There is no such thing as a false alarm when it comes to CO activations.


    1. Do you warm up your car in the garage?


    1. Have you remodeled your basement recently and enclosed the furnace in a separate room?


    1. Have you added bathroom exhaust fans or a new kitchen exhaust fan?


  1. When was your furnace last serviced? (It should be every year!)

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