The Name St. Louisians Have Known & Trusted For Over 65 Years, AL-DON!

The Name St. Louisians Have Known & Trusted For Over 65 Years, AL-DON!

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Unlocking Year-Round Comfort: The Magic of Heat Pumps

Heating and Cooling Made Efficient

Imagine a device that can work wonders by transferring heat from one place to another, seamlessly shifting warmth from indoors to outdoors or vice versa. Enter the remarkable world of heat pumps! These ingenious creations offer an efficient and reliable solution for heating and cooling, particularly for homes without access to natural gas.

Heat pumps are multitasking marvels, providing heating and cooling with remarkable efficiency. By harnessing heat transfer principles, they extract warmth from the air or ground in winter and expel it in summer, ensuring year-round comfort. Now you can save money with heat pumps. Use our AFUE energy savings calculator to compare your current unit’s efficiency to a newer system, customized for accuracy, and discover potential utility bill savings. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised as you witness the financial benefits of upgrading to a high-efficiency heat pump. To uncover the perfect heat pump for your unique space in technicians or its surrounding areas, call upon the expertise of our skilled experts at AL-DON Indoor Air Quality Specialists

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The AFUE Advantage

Vital to gauge heating system efficiency, measuring fuel conversion into usable heat. Upgrade with AL-DON for savings and a greener footprint.

Tranquil solutions

Get recommendations for the perfect system for your home, bringing personalized comfort and tranquility.

Maintain to sustain

A well-maintained heat pump offers energy differences from a staggering 10-25% compared to a neglected counterpart.

No limitations

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional heating and cooling systems and embrace the ease of heat pumps.


Heat Pumps are your custom comfort solution

There are three types of heat pumps: air-to-air, water source, and geothermal. Their job is to collect heat from the air, water, and outside-your-home ground and concentrate it for use. You can speak to our experts at AL-DON Indoor Air Quality Specialists to discuss the details regarding each type and take advice as to which one would best suit your home. Regular maintenance acts as a shield, fending off the encroaching forces of degradation.

Installing a heat pump may require a higher upfront investment compared to traditional furnaces or air conditioners. However, the cost difference is swiftly compensated within a span of five to ten years by the annual reduction in energy expenses. Beware, for neglecting the recommended guidelines can place a damper on your pump’s grand performance, tarnishing its efficiency and degrading its very essence. Seek the counsel of our trusted HVAC professional to ensure the optimal thermostat setting and proper operation of the indoor pump’s fan.

Harness the Power of Heat Pumps: Call us today at 314-567-5585 or request service online for a transformative evaluation that will shape your comfort.

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