DIY Ornaments

Glass Glitter Ornaments

You will need: clear glass ornaments, glitter and floor wax.

First, remove the top, carefully squirt in a little floor wax, and swirl it around until the entire interior is covered. Pour the excess back into the bottle. Next, pour in the glitter, swirl it around and pour out the excess. Lastly, let the ornament dry and replace the top.

Kid-friendly Candy Cane Ornaments

You will need: red and white beads, green pipe cleaners, and pliers.

With your pliers bend one end of the pipe cleaner so the beads will not falloff, and then bend the other end into the shape of a candy cane. String the beads onto the pipe cleaner alternating red and white. Once you have filled the pipe cleaner with beads, bend the other end of the pipe cleaner with the pliers so that the beads will stay put.

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