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How to Eliminate Dust in My Home

June 17, 2022
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You can substantially reduce your home’s dust levels by following some of these recommendations.

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Your HVAC System Can Enhance Sleep

February 24, 2022
Your HVAC System Can Enhance Sleep

The sound of a well-maintained heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is like a lullaby for a good night’s sleep.

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What Indoor Air Quality Accessories Can Help Keep Me Healthy?

November 29, 2020
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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the novel coronavirus disease 2019—also known as COVID-19—can cause mild to severe respiratory illness when an individual is exposed to the virus. Even before the outbreak, adults on average spent nearly all their time indoors at work or at home. In fact, the US Environmental…

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How Can Your HVAC Equipment Help Protect Against Coronavirus?

March 26, 2020
Woman hands using wash hand sanitizer gel dispenser, against Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) or Wuhan coronavirus at public train station. Antiseptic, Hygiene and Healthcare concept

The spread of coronavirus disease 19 (COVID-19) has all of us greatly concerned in Missouri. At AL-DON, our top priority is the health and safety of you and your loved ones. We take great pride in selling indoor air quality products to homes and businesses that are energy-efficient, environmentally friendly—and extremely effective when it comes…

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Benefits of The Air Scrubber Plus

August 29, 2018
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The Air Scrubber is designed to help eliminate Indoor Air Quality risks by reducing pet and cooking odors, air pollutants, chemical odors, smoke, mold, bacteria, and viruses.

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How to Pick the Best Home Ventilation System

March 26, 2018
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Indoor air quality affects your health and safety. Opening a window is not always possible. Therefore, you need alternative options to replace stagnant indoor air with fresh outdoor air. Exhaust Fans Most homes have an exhaust fan in each bathroom and a range hood above the stove. These fans extract the moist air created when…

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Simple Steps to Reduce Your Family’s Impact on the Environment

January 4, 2018
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The professionals at AL-DON “Indoor Air Quality Specialists” are always ready to help with all of your heating, cooling and indoor air quality needs.

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Reduce Seasonal Gaps in Hardwood Flooring by Adding Humidity

November 17, 2017
Reduce seasonal gaps in hardwood flooring by adding humidity.

The heating season is upon us! Heating your environment typically starts to dry things including your skin and your hardwood floors. Typically we use moisturizers to relieve dry skin and your hardwood floors need similar care in the form of humidity. When floors start to dry out you will see gaps develop between the boards,…

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How Can I Reduce Carbon Monoxide Risks?

November 6, 2017
Test of a smoke and fire alarm with carbon monoxide sensor capability

Please use this checklist as a suggestive guide on determining the safety in your home. If unsure, don’t hesitate to call us and we will have one of our specially trained technicians at your home to do a full analysis! Carbon Monoxide Checklist Is there any rust around the top of your gas/oil water heater…

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Maximum Efficiency and Comfort Tips as Cold Weather Approaches

October 26, 2017
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After a long, hot summer, many people welcome the relief that fall weather brings. Kids are back in school, football season is here and most of us are finishing projects around the house that kept getting put off until cooler weather. This also is the time to start thinking about what can be done to…

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Air Cleaners: Clarifying Misconceptions

October 19, 2017
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As winter approaches and our homes become our safe haven from the cold, we need to consider our home’s air quality. Being stuck inside can cause allergies to act up even more if the air we breathe is not free form irritants. AL-DON offers a variety of air cleaners to help purify the air and…

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Understanding Humidity in St. Louis

September 19, 2017
Family Inside in Fall in St. Louis

Cold winter months bring low humidity levels that most of us only recognize as we feel our skin drying out more frequently and needing chapstick to keep our lips moist. Humidity refers to the amount of water vapor in the air, and it affects our comfort levels, even playing a role in the development and…

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